Work With Me

What is a life coach?

As a coach, I shine light on your current situation, help you change your perspective, show you options you did not consider before. I give you tools to move past self-doubt and trauma and help you create a lifestyle that feels perfect for you. I also hold my clients accountable for their actions and work toward creating long lasting change, not just quick fixes.

I survived through the trauma after sexual assault, pre-natal and post-natal depression and divorce alhamdulillah. But I only started feeling alive when I realized it was not just about surviving. Without coaching, I would probably not have found the peace I feel today. Now my goal is to support you in your own journey towards finding your inner peace.

I want you who is reading this, feeling lonely and hopeless, to know you are not alone. Forget that voice, whether its yours or someone else’s, that keeps saying that ”this life is supposed to be hard!”. Forget the voice that says ”What will people say if…”. It’s time to think about your well being and what you really want!

Here are examples of how I can help You​

Boost your self-esteem, gain confidence and learn how to take care of yourself.​

Offer you a non judgemental and confidential space to talk about your issues and explore solutions.​

Get you unstuck, gain clarity on what you want and teach you how to set goals to reach them.​

Show you ways to reconnect with your faith and use our beautiful religion to deal with stress and anxiety.

Explore your creative side to discover or develop new passions and talents that will help you heal.

Help you give up bad habits to build a routine that feels good for your soul, mind and body.

Feedback & Reviews

Here is what my clients say about their experience with me

“Soumaya helped me get out of a weird phase of my life. I wasn’t sure what I wanted and had no idea how to ‘fix myself’. She showed me how to change my perception of things and make the most of what I have”


”Coaching sessions with you helped me gain confidence in moments of vulnerability. You taught me how to accept my differences and thanks to you I stopped apologizing for who I was. I feel motivated to tackle my goals after each session!”


“Soumaya offers valuable insights on my problems, she brings in solutions and idea that I never thought about. I managed to cut on bad habits and create a routine that make me feel fulfilled with her”


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can hire a coach! We all go through ups and downs in life and asking for help is a sign of strength, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. You just have to be willing to make a real change in your life and prioritize your coaching sessions.

Therapy focuses more on the past while coaching is about the future, motivating you to achieve your goals.

Yes I do! You can get in touch with me.

Yes! As long as you have a phone, we can work together.

Yes, I speak French fluently and can coach you in that language if you prefer.

You can apply for free coaching with me by filling the contact form here and explaining why you need coaching.