How Meditation Changed Me and Can Change YOU

Meditation has been part of my life for the past seven years but I’ve only started trully experiencing its benefits when I included it in my daily routine six months ago. I made sure I would be consistent this time.

I started with 5 minutes per day and alhamdulillah it grew into 15 minutes twice or three times a day now. If a day goes by where I don’t meditate at all, I feel like I’m missing something.

It has been a way to become more positive for me, to give my mind time off to relax and recharge, to deal with overwhelming emotions like when I really miss my daughter because I haven’t seen her in months.

Meditation has taught me how to transform negative thoughts into a source of strength. It has helped me let go of feelings that were slowing down my inner growth, it has given me ways to forgive others and myself for past mistakes.

And most of all, it has helped me feel more connected to God again after a long period of spiritual numbness. Through meditation, I learnt how to improve my salah and dhikr because it showed me how powerful an act of worship can be when it’s accomplished with mindfulness. 

It has really been a life changing ritual that I recommend to most of my coaching clients. While doing so, I realized there is a lot of misconceptions around it, like the idea that it’s hard to do or better done in the presence of an instructor. Truth is, meditation can take many different forms but it’s very easy to do. It’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. It can be as simple as taking a break to focus on your breath. 

There are so many great guided meditation videos available for free on Youtube like the ones Boho Beautiful makes, or even the sleep meditations by Dauchsy and Michael Sealey that have saved me when I was struggling with insomnia.

As muslims there’s a concern that the meditation practice we follow is not compatible with our deen because the mantras sometimes involve another religion. That’s why  I wanted to create muslim friendly guided meditations, ones that I made for myself first and think could help you too bi idnillah. I will post them as episodes on the podcast but also on Youtube inchaAllah.

If you have tried meditating in the past and gave up because it was too challenging, I want you to know that it’s natural. It’s hard to recondition our brain to take breaks when we are so used to thinking about a million things all the time. But it’s not impossible and it’s necessary to be more fulfilled. 

Just give yourself time, you might not achieve the mindfulness of a monk but you will handle negative emotions and stress better, you’ll increase your self awareness and creativity and will be more focused on the present and the positives in your life.

Let’s not forget that meditation is already part of our lives through the rememberance of Allah during salah, dhikr, dua’… and that by fully embracing its practice we can get closer to our Creator.

I hope I convinced you to try meditation if you have never given it a shot or to bring it back to your routine if it was once part of it. If you feel overwhelmed by your feelings, struggle to sleep and always feel psychologically drained, then meditation could help you.

Here is a list of my all time favorites on Youtube:

For Visualization

For Gratitude

For When You Got No Time

For When You Feel Sad

For When You Can't Sleep

Check out the podcast for the audio version of this article, it includes a short breathing exercise to give you an idea of how simple meditation can be. What are your struggles in your own practice? Let me know in the comments below! Much love from my heart to yours, see you next week!

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