About Soulty Sister

Salamaalaykoum there! My name is Soumaya, I help young muslims who feel stuck, lonely and misunderstood find clarity and become the person they really want to be. This is typically the section where I’m supposed to tell you about my coaching certifications and all my professional achievements but instead I’d rather tell you about what really matters.

I know how it feels like to be so lost that you don’t even know where to start to get your life in order. I went¬† through moments like those in my life, many times in fact. And while I was struggling emotionally and psychologically I kept telling myself “this pain can not be happening for nothing, there is a bigger purpose behind it”. I made it my obsession to heal and learn from my experiences in order to help those going through similar hardships.

Then I discovered life coaching. I was already familiar with it without realizing it, (I am a huge consumer of self-development books, podcasts, courses…) But as I was considering a career change, I knew straight away that coaching others was meant for me. And I was right, I have loved every second of this journey so far alhamdulillah. There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing a sister or brother healing and finding peace and purpose.

Now, why focus on coaching muslims?

Religion has played a big role in my personal development and healing journey. Allah has given us powerful tools to face hardship. Added to a classic coaching approach, those tools bring incredible results to attain balance and fulfilment, on top of increasing our faith and closeness to our Creator.

When I started my healing process, they were no mainstream coach I could relate to fully. Without the religious component, something was missing. So I created my own system and coached myself to go from lost and confused to fulfilled and clearheaded.

I assessed my life with honesty and a determined intention to change things in the long term. Using a holistic approach, I started making changes in my daily life, here are some of the tools I used:

  • Art, especially weaving, which I taught for 3 years
  • Meditative dhikr and dua
  • Simple and slow living
  • Practising gratitude
  • Exercise
  • Vizualisation
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Goal setting techniques

The changes I experienced in a couple of weeks were life changing so I went on and took a Professional Life Coach Certification course (from Transformational Services, Inc) to share what worked on me with the world.

I believe Allah Aazawajal created us strong and resilient and never burdens us with tests we can not overcome. However, I also know we were created to help one another and ease each other’s pain.

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Soulty Sister is also a platform where I share my best tips and tricks to create a more fulfilling routine that suits you. Headover to the blog if you want to start making changes now!

I grew up in a culture that does not always welcome expression of emotions. A lot of subjects were taboo in our home: depression, sex (let alone sexual assault), divorce… I used to keep things for myself out of fear of judgement and rejection or because I did not want to disapoint my family. With time I understood that sharing your struggles is part of the healing process but choosing who you confine in is an important key factor to insure your well being. When you turn to a loved one for help and they are clueless in front of your vulnerability, it makes you feel even more hopeless. When they blame you or judge you for not being able heal on your own or faster, it hurts. That is where coaching can help. Now, if you’re ready to work with me, see you here.